Sunday, December 30, 2012

I dreamed I was in a fog and in the fog I saw an unusual little creature as I came closer to it; it became more familiar but odd. It was a turtle but the odd part about it is that it had no head and it was wandering around running into everything. It had scars all along its hard shell from running into various objects. It would run into something like a tree are a rock and be pushing trying to keep going then eventually he would stop and back up a step or two then go around it until it ran into some other object and the process would start over again. I thought this very strange I walked up to the turtle and picked it up and examined it and sure enough the turtle shell on the front was completely sealed shut to opening at all for a head to pop out I placed it back down on the earth and off he went bashing into everything in its path wandering around aimlessly. I watched in amusement for awhile then went about my own business but from time to time kept contemplating the matter of the headless turtle and its meaning. Not too far off in the distance I came upon an old man sitting on a old wooden spool smoking tobacco the closer I approached him I recognized him as my own great grandfather. I ran to him as he had made his journey many years passed. I sat at his feet and said pawpaw (as that is what I used to call him) how are you after all these years? He said fine as he called me by name. Funny thing I would go over to his house and he would sit on this old wooden spool and smoke tobacco and tell me stories when I was a little boy. Now here we where again, do you have any stories for me today? I asked him. Sure boy, and he started. Long ago there was a place called turtle island a place all our ancestors had came to many years ago and made their home. They lived mostly happy lives and sometimes they fought one another and they where a divided people and then they would be good and live happy again this went on for many years then one day some new people came as was told to them by one of their elders many years before. They saw the new people with a pale skin similar to some of their passed brothers come and start build odd houses and brought with them odd animals that they did not have to hunt. These pale people grew and grew and pushed them around and eventually took their lands and started a new place gave it a new name America and the United States they made new laws and said everyone had liberty and freedom to do as they wanted as long as they obeyed the laws. These people too liked to fight and they fought many battles on what we called turtle island and also across the waters in strange lands they fought horrific battles. As I sat there I noticed many of the my forest brothers and sisters the animals came and sat and listened to the story the deer, the wolf, the bear, the fox, the eagle, the owl, the otter, the raccoon, and many others pawpaw had a big gathering. He continued, these pale skinned ones became very powerful people among the nations over the earth, but they became very greedy also eventually they became more corrupt than any people that ever lived on the earth. Grandson the turtle you saw that turtle will roam the earth as long as turtle island is acting like that turtle headless roaming aimlessly about getting into everything and not caring what happens to it. Our people need to realize this is the time to unite and be one with all the native nations upon turtle island and work together to free ourselves of the shame the pale skinned people have brought upon our land. Your generations can bring honor back to our land just as our elders long ago predicted we have a royal blood and your generations have been chosen at this time to bring honor to the people. Go forth and teach them the message you know to be true remind them of their ancestors and their covenants our people made with the Creator when he gave us this great turtle island. Then I woke up.