Saturday, July 16, 2011

21st Century Kids

Just contemplating on not only my own kids but most all kids in general. I have come to realize that since my childhood most kids do not go outside and do anything any more. Our society has bite the bait hook, line and sinker and is really not even giving up a fight for their lives. Compared to fishing one can use different types of bait from real to artificial to entice a fish to bite a hook and eventually get a bite and set the hook and the fight is on sometimes the fish wins and live to try again another day. But the power and elite and control mongers have taken the bait and everyone especially the young people have easily taken hold and like it so much they don't want to let go they like it so much they aren't even going to fight it. Matter of fact some of us wise individuals who know what is going on are fighting for our youth and other adults to get them to understand that they have been caught and are going down and after a while they will be lost and there will be nothing we can do to save them. Of course if I am working my ass off to protect mine from those lures. And I may even lose them in the end. When we forget, our roots, forget what makes us and keeps us alive, when we destroy the very air we breath the very water we drink and the food we eat by allowing these same powerful, controlling whorish individuals to convince us that it is all right we are not harming anything, when we are no longer living in harmony with the Earth and our brothers and sisters it is easy to take the bait. It is easy for them to see the Wars all over the Earth as a good thing. War is never good! Peace is good!! I came up with a solution for the wars but no one will ever take it serious. Most everyone in this world that play video games knows of the game call of duty. Well we take the leader of each country that wants to go to war and let them fight it out on the video game and who ever loses has to give in to whatever the predetermined sucession rules are. But leave the individual people in their crespective countries alone to live in peace and harmony together just let the dicks fight it out on the video game for their egos. Only those rich tyrant dictator type leaders would probably win because they seem like they are the only ones who would have the time to actually play the game to have practice. People like the POTUS and such are too busy traveling around lying to the people get good enough to win a game like that. So it is probably not a really good theory after all. I still think we should send all the white euro trash illegal alien that have been here since 1492 back to europe though and let this country really remain free. A lot of crazy ideas that will never come to pass but it feels better to get this stuuf off my chest and my stress level down. I had intended this blog to be totally different than what it has turned outto be but no one reads it anyway so I guess I can just continue to relieve stress and spout off stupid crazy stuff even if it does or doesn't make since. Of course one day I may be surprised and actually see and comment to one of my post and actually start getting a few followers on this blog but who knows. Right now I don't really care. This just makes me feel better to know I have reduced my blood pressure below stroke level and can continue to cope with this life where one always has to watch their backs because you can't trust anyone any more.