Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Gumbo

 Yesterday was not a typical Thanksgiving. My wife had just had gall bladder surgery earlier in the week, then her father had a small stroke and possible TIAs from this past weekend until Tuesday in the AM. That is a long story in it self. So if you notice anyone especially your loved one slurring there speech, stumbling, losing use of a limb, c/o blurred vision, not being able to answer general questions they should know the answers to immediately force them against their will into the car and take them to the ER STAT!!! So anyways I was the cook and for some reason no one wanted a traditional T-Day meal. So cut up the turkey, some venison sausage, First made the roux, chopped up some onion, celery and bell pepper, sauteed with the roux. Then dumped into stock pot and added 4 quarts water brought to boil added the meat. a few more "secret" family seasonings and simmered for 1 hour. As it simmered put on a pot of rice and the night before made a potato salad, a few pies. When all said and done everyone was stuffed and happy. All in all I am thankful for my country and the freedoms that are trying to be taken away from us. I am not thankful for alot of the things that happened to my people as I have said before I am part native american. I learned to make gumbo form my MawMaw and her GGGrandmother was 1/2 Cajun 1/2 Karankawa (a now extinct tribe that lived along the gulf coast from Texas to Louisiana) they where all murdered off and now any of us that claim any blood have no say because they "government" says the tribe no longer exist. My Cherokee/Choctaw ancestors had all their lands stolen and too many died on a forced march to their "new" home. And my Cajun ancestors had been treated bad as well their entire existence that is why they stayed in the swamps figured no one would come their to kick them out. So no I am not Thankful for how they where all treated but I am Thankful how they continued to survive and make something out of the nothing they was given. Because we should never ask a government to give us anything. We should all work to get what we get. And shuldn't be forced to give away what we earned to someone who doesn't even try. But give out of our on hearts if we see it that way. But to help those that need help to get back on there feet and make something anything of there lives. It will be a continuous battle from here on out to try an maintain a symblance of the freedom this country once new. The most freedoms this country ever had before the europeans ever came would be ideal. But I know that will never be seen again. I just remember the story of the two wolves I believe I have posted earlier here. And just try to feed the good wolf so I can be good!