Sunday, August 5, 2012

An obsidian blade hafted to a deer leg bone with sinew, partial deer jaw bone in background to possibly be  used as a handle for a future stone knife. These are the types of tools I enjoy making and using. I do have conventional tools/weapons, but if the need arises, I don't have to rely on them to get a task done. Of course it is alot more work at times but this obsidian has a surgically sharp edge that will skin an animal faster than most conventional tools will. Alas you do have to be careful you don't take a finger when you are cutting. I find that my proficiency has beome greater at hunting and taking game since learning to use primitive methods, and enjoy the experience a lot more than using conventional tools and means. It makes me feel like I am giving my prey more of a chance to get away and being more in tune with nature and my surroundings. Hence I feel I am able to survive better because I am paying more and better attention to my surroundings.