Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Waiting to foal

Miss Molly

The Waiting Game

Well today I got the hub loose and ready to pull but I am having to wait for the dealership to call. I had to order the main axle seals from them and they will not be in until after 1:00pm today. So I have watered the garden since we have not gotten any rain in a long time everything is so dry we are under a burn ban and there are forest fores everywhere. None close enough to me to worry though. I am also waiting on a mare to foal she should be due at any tome now. I will post a picture of her she is a beautiful grulla dun she was bred to black and white medicine hat paint. So I have a life full of things going on.

Repair upper/lower ball joints

Brake calipers and rotor removed

Tire removed for repair job