Saturday, October 13, 2012

I am a man that doesn't really know fear, or atleast I didn't think I knew fear. I have had many experiences staring danger in the eye, some of those have been life threatening to myself. But it wasn't until today that I finally thought I could be scared. I have a daughter over 1500 miles away at college, and will soon in a few weeks have a son going into another country for 2 years to do missionary work. These children are just barely adults, they do have good heads on their shoulders and I am very proud of the decisions that they have made in their respective lives. I hope that they will continue to put God first in their lives, my fear comes from the realization that I know things will most likely get crazy in this country and also the world in not too long of a time. I mean just alone from our countries leaders and the decisions that they make without even consulting the people who put them in office leads me to this conclusion. But also the many other factors stemming from their actions. This fear is that when this all goes down that they will be out there somewhere alone, and daddy will not be there to watch over and protect them from the evils that are and will be lurking around the corner. I have taught and continue to teach them about being prepared the most important thing I learned as a boy scout. Teaching them to be aware and watch how those around them react and possibly change when something bad goes down. I know they have some friends and the things I have taught them but I also know they will have a hard time to bug anywhere. I know my first priority is to get my wife and other 2 children to to safety and the necessary means to survive. But the distances the older 2 will be away and how they will manage is my fear. I am already preparing a rescue effort to go and retrieve them from their respective locations. I have the means and know how, it is just the fuel that bothers me the most. And I have good hands to leave my wife and other children in to go and collect these 2 young adults. Although it may be necessary to have us all travel together to make the collection effort. I am also working on a bug out location at a half way point and maybe even nearer to them to make this actually more conceivable to bug to for a short time.Stocking some supplies to hold out until I know for sure I can get back to our larger family location where there will be more supplies and protection. So yes I will look fear in the face, but will have to decided now to show no fear to be able to win this final battle over fear.