Sunday, August 21, 2011

Backpacking New Mexico

From the Summit of Baldy Mtn. near Cimarron, New Mexico. 12441 ft. This was the hardest hike I have ever completed the climb was about 70-75 % grade a 1000 ft to the summit. But the view was worth it. I spent my 42 birthday here 8/13/2011. Was only able to stay at summit for about 45 minutes because the weather was changing rapibly and lighting in the distance. About 30 minutes later on our descent we got the rain, some cooler temperatures and with a burn ban in the area was unable to start a fire when we returned to our camp so had to just change clothes and make some hot chocolate to warm up. The temps can change almost drastically in alpine areas in the mtns. we had about a 40 degree drop. The morning was about 70 degrees and with the rain storm the temp dropped to the 40s.