Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day! America! What is left of it! Those dirty, greedy politicians are slowly taking our freedoms and liberties away bit by bit. Yes go ahead and tag me a REBEL! Right now I pay over $10,000 a year in health insurance for my family, but now that I am being forced to and you know the rates will all start to multiply like rabbits I will take my 1% penalty tax and not worry about it. On my income that would only be $367.00 a year. And since the insurance companies will have to take you even with pre existing problems if something major comes along I will stop by the old insurance agent on the way to the doctors get insurance to keep the bills down then after everythings cured and ok drop the insurance and pay the penalty again. I think that looks like a great plan to me. I will come out way ahead. Now if they want to force my employer to give me a big raise to pay for the insurance increases I guess that might work also the only problem is the company would then be crying bail us out you created the healthcare law and we can't afford to pay otr emplyees more thus the continued sinking ship. Our economy is shot there is no pulling it out, we are in for a long hard rough ride so fasten your life vest and learn to tread water because there are not enough life boats for everyone only the rich that have bought there way aboard. The rest of us had better have an alternate plan because not too long after will be complete civil unrest with police, or military to protect the innocent. The innocent will either have to band together or you are on your on. The empire is falling and its best we stay as far as possible out of the way and pick up with whats left over. In the mean time have  great holiday and thank those who selflessly sacrificed for others to make it possible!