Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reflecting on the past

As I listen to the chatter on the recent "capture and killing of Osama bin Laden" I reflect back on what it has done for this country. Since the "911 tragedy that he orchestrated" (I put things in quotations because I do not quiet believe they happened the way we are told) what has happened, the United States of America, "a once strong and free land" has had more restrictions placed on its inhabitants. For what, to protect us from what, Osama bin Laden,? No! To protect us from ourselves, that is what I think! I feel we are slowly being brain washed by the media to control our thoughts and minds, If we believe everything they tell us and we put all our trust in what they say then we will be like sheep to the slaughter. We will be programmed to accept what ever is told us "for our protection" and we will do what ever they tell us to do "for our protection" and in the end we will do what they command and will have to choice. So who is the real terrorist who is really putting the fear and terror tactics in our minds is it the radical middle eastern who feels threatened by the money hungry west or is the Money Hungry Power Hungry Western Government that just can't ever get enough until they control the whole world and drain it for everything and destroy all we have until there is nothing left. This is who I feel the real terrorist is the U.S. government place fear and terror in the minds of the people making them feel afraid they can not handle nothing on their own that they have to depend solely on the government and their leaders to protect them from the "evils of the world" when it is all just a lie and ploy to gain power and control to make them conform to whatthey want and bunch of robot clones doing their will. I have read and heard the stories of how they have and are continuing to try to destroy my people the Native Americans but now they have seen how successful that experiment has become that now they want it all an small group of "elite individuals" what it all to control all but they lust for that money and power and can't and will never get enough eventually they will destroy themselves if they continue onward. But if we do like many people I have heard speak and read free our minds and our spirit and think and do for our selves be self reliant. Helping each other as in the old ways we can fight these terrorist and slowly gain our ground a have our Earth back and have joy and peace and love and yes FREEDOM!