Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of U lie

Today most of the US is celebrating their independence from England. A supposed tyrrant country that over taxed the colonist back in the day. So in 1776 a small faction of these men got together and declared their indepedence from this tyrrant. They opposed the over taxing and became an all out rebel force that caused a lot of problems for the old King. So now 2011 the little 13 colonies have grown into 50 states and few territories and hands into everything throughout the world, and what are they doing? Over taxing the people and have become all out tyrrants to the country. Well I say this, load all those White European descent bastards up and send them back to Europe and let us have our freedom back pre 1492! Maybe if we started the Ghost Dance again like Wovoka stated maybe the whites would fall and the Buffalo would come back and the nations would be strong again. But I see the only way we could do that is instead of bickering and fighting amongst tribes but uniting all the tribes as Tecumseh tried and showing a great force maybe the Spirit that flows thru all things the father of all living would see our sacrifice and prayers and know of our desire to be free again. We as a people have suffered much affliction because we could not forgive our brothers and work as one for the same purpose to be a free and equal people. Much of our individual beliefs have a common thread that link us together and that is the earth. We need to teach our people to love and respect our earth mother and work together to become one great tribe, one great nation, where everyone who walks here is truly equal not as the white man says but truly equal as the creator says. The stories passed down from generations from my ancestors are of a great leader amongst my people who did just that and the great spirit father took them into his creation in the next life away from here to live because the people all became as one, treating everyone as equals and there was no poor nor rich among them but they where all one people. It can be done again, we have the will power, we just have to be strong and lift one another up to break the holds the white oppressors have put on us and teach those who would listen to the true ways. Then all the indigenous nations could become one and live the true ways and be protected for eternity from the white devils that oppress. This is some of the things I see, this is some of the things I feel, this is some of the things I hear, this is some of the things I know could and would happen if we stand together and walk the true road as one.