Saturday, May 7, 2011

What could be? (a work of fiction)

One day I was out working the garden, as I live adjacent to some railroad tracks, I heard the typical noise of an slowly approaching train. They do this several times a day as they slow down to enter town and switch off/on railcars at a small yard in town. As I was out digging my potatoes with this train slowly traveling by I stood just to stretch and see what type of cars the engines where towing. I took note of the peculiar load on about 10 on the flatbed cars. What appeared to be some sort of heavy plastic containers approximatley 7 ft. long and 3ft. wide by 3ft. tall. stacked 10-15ft high on each of these flatbed cars. Contemplating what these containers could be used for I then noticed they where stamped FEMA on the ends. What would FEMA need containers that size for? I was puzzled for an instant then a quick chill went thru my body as it hit me these are coffins. I had heard about something like this before. I research alot on the internet and watch what some call right wing crazy television but being a survivalist one must always be survival minded. I finished the task at hand washing the potatoes, and preparing then for canning. People I used to work with would laugh at me when I told them I canned everything vegetables, fruits, meats, etc. And a friend told me my pantry looked like an old time grocery store. But to be self reliant and not depend on anyone, one must do so to not have to go to the grocery store. Oh by the way since eating what we grow and not eating the canned foods from the store or the processed foods we have become healthier go figure. I do not put preservatives in my canned foods and they last just as long as the store bought canned goods. Puzzling huh? While the potatoes dry on a rack. I get on my bike and ride toward town and the railroad yard. Curiousity has gotten the best of me by now. As I leisurely ride not to act suspicious I notice that those flat bed rail cars have been dropped off and men are starting to unload them in an area that either went up over night or no one really noticed, because next to the rail yard is a fence I never recall being there. 100 yards square approximately and they are using a fork lift to move these plastic coffins inside this yard. Noting the men doing so to my surpirse are wearing this new digital camo stuff the military has been wearing although I do not notice any insignia on the uniforms, but everyone is dressed the same. Seems odd to me. But then again does it? I head back home and continue with the family canning the potatoes. tomorrow will be tomatoes, and peppers and we will make some salsa also, I do not like balnd foods. Several hours pass with potatoes out of the way myself and my 2 boys drive over to our pasture land a few miles away and check on the black berry crop. This weekend we should have the little farmers market shop we have started open and full of customers. I think we have been giving the grocery store alot of run for business, we have been even selling some of our own canned items. Doing fairly well with it too. The place is really close to town and everything is fresh and clean no poisons added to it. Everyone seems to like that. Our prices are better also. We have fresh eggs and milk a few cows so the milk goes fast. We have come out also to drop off some buckets because the blackberries are a u-pick although we do sell some we've picked also packaged in containers the value is better if one pickes the berries themselves. After dropping the buckets off we drive to the back pasture and feed the horses and drop some hay out for the cows and goats. The farm is quiet small but it makes us a living and keeps us at home instead of both of us working from can to can't. We have noticed a big difference in our kids also how they have changed they seem happier and really have a desire to work instead of sitting around playing video games all the time, not to say we don't enjoy those times still but that is not the priority in life. The priority is what the ancestors taught, family teaching and learning and having fun together. Taking care of Mother Earth amd respecting and caring for our Elders. Life is a circle, we each must give as much as we take and then put back as much as we take. We then drive back home. I inform my family of what I have seen today and there are many questions. I don't have the answers fully I can only guess. But many questions have arisen in my mind in the past couple of decades that give me reason to speculate on the answers I will give my family. Why all of the sudden our government has an interest in protecting us from one of the smallest chances of being harmed, statistically it is safer to have a few terrorist on the loose than it is to drive a vehicle on the street, or get bite by a snake, or have a reaction to prescription medication, the government has not outlawed owning a car, they are not out trying to extinct the snake population, they still allow the medications to be manufactured and given to us. then why do they have to think they have to step in and say let us protect you from these evil terrorist? If they want to send out a few clandestine people in search for terrorist to stop them go ahead. But don't limit me on my freedoms in the name of protection, I am willing to take my chances, to board a plane with everyone on board not being strip searched before boarding. I am willing to enter a building before being strip searched before everyone else that enters has had the same. If we continue to let the government take all these small freedom away sooner or later we will not be able to make any choices for ourselves as we will have allowed them to slowly take all freedoms away in the name of protection. So I ask this simple question. Who is the terrorist? Who is the one putting fear and terror in your mind before you board a plane? before you enter a building? before you drive down the street? before you even vote? Who are the ones putting that fear in you? I know the answer, the real question is DO YOU?